Monday, June 30, 2014

Future Additions To Oma's Workshop

  I am excited about some future possibilities for Oma's Workshop that I think you will enjoy. I have had a lot of different ideas and have made some items to sell at craft shows, yet some of those items just do not sell. For example, I made these little animals that wore dresses and they were placed over an air freshener. They were not hard to make, and I brought about 6 of them to a craft show. A man came along and bought them all up. All I could think of, was that if I had made more, he would have bought those too, so I made 30 air freshener dolls up. I have yet to sell any of them.
  I had wanted to make a bakery to go with Oma's Workshop. I could do a bakery, except for the fact that I don't want to use ingredients in my products that are not safe, such as unbleached flour. I did come up with an alternative, and can use organic flour instead, but it is more expensive, and a loaf of bread that I make will end up costing $ 2 instead of $1. Loaves of cinnamon bread will be sold for $2 a loaf now, and I can make them for you if you want.
   I have considered making pine tar soap. Old time soap makers make pine tar soap, but recently there has been an accusation on pine tar soap containing a substance called, 'creosote', which is supposed to be carcinogenic. I have found conflicting information on this, yet, it is something to consider. On the one hand, people request pine tar soap because it has helped many with skin problems. I think I can make this and sell it, but I am not going to put it on a table at the craft show and advertise it. I will sell it to people who want it and ask for it. I also found a pine tar company that processes their pine tar in such a way that it doesn't contain creosote. They won't say that it doesn't have creosote, because they don't test it to see whether or not creosote is in it.
  But the exciting new is this; I might be able to have a nursery! I am growing a lot of plants right now, and will be able to take seeds from some of these plants and sell the seeds. Also, I can grow plants like mangoes and avocados, and pot them up and sell them to those who desire such plants.
  It gets even better though. I might be able to sell some produce. I won't have tons to sell, but I should have some tomatoes that I could sell to my friends and customers. Of course, this all depends on how well my plants grow, and if they can survive whatever comes their way to destroy them (fruit worms, heat, frost). If I do grow enough, I will post whatever I have available with prices. More on this to come later.