Monday, September 18, 2017

Smelly Feet Soap

Here are my latest soaps made with 'Mistletoe Kisses' fragrance oil.

These feet have a Christmassy scent to them. They smell nice. I will make more of them too. 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Goat's Milk Oatmeal Soaps

Not everyone likes goat's milk oatmeal soap, but I think most of my customers do. We had a big sale and are almost sold out of the goat's milk oatmeal soaps during that sale. There will be more though, so don't worry about no more goat's milk oatmeal soaps being available!

Here is a picture of the goat's milk oatmeal soaps that are wrapped and ready to go.
Wrapped goat's milk oatmeal soaps

In case you are wondering what the ingredients are, the soaps are made from water, goat's milk, sodium hydroxide, palm oil, coconut oil, beef tallow, olive oil, castor oil, oatmeal, soap fragrance.
Some of the older soaps also contain lard and peanut oil. I stopped using these oils because some might be allergic to them or have a conviction about their being in the soap. 

Some of the proceeds for this soap goes to Sanctuary Ministries, a ministry to help struggling women who are pregnant and need support.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Goat' Milk Oatmeal Soap Sale - Half Price

Goat's Milk Oatmeal Soap sale. 1/2 price. Regularly $3.50, now $1.75 per bar. Various shapes.

Goat's Milk Oatmeal Soap

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lemon-Pumice Soap Bars

Lemon-Pumice Soap. Made with pumice and lemon peel.

Anyone interested in buying soap from me, please send an email at

Saturday, January 23, 2016

New - Lemon-Pumice Soap

Here is a new soap I made a couple of days ago. It was made with the basic ingredients to make soap with, plus some pumice and some grated lemon peel. I added both the lemon FO and EO. The soap was colored with annatto.

Rough cut Lemon-Pumice soap. 
I used a shoebox for the mold for the soaps pictured above. The others were made with the usual soap molds.

FO stands for fragrance oil, and EO stands for essential oil. Fragrance oils are made from essential oils combined with carrier oils. The carrier oils help with keeping the scent in the soap.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Bedtime Soap - Wonderful Scent

Tonight I decided to try something different. I made a light orange color soap and scented it with an essential oil put out by "Now" brand.

It smells so good I could wear this scent all the time, but since it is supposed to help with sleep, I better only use it at night!

Here is the oil I used to make this soap with:

I may take pictures of the soap once it is out of the mold. Hope it continues to smell as nice and as strong as it does now!

I think I will call this soap, 'Bedtime Soap'.

(I will receive commission for those who go to the amazon site from the link above, from any orders on amazon connected with that link. Thank you for those who have ordered through my links).  

Saturday, January 31, 2015

My First Dollhouse Floor

These pictures are not in order, but I am so excited about almost being done with this floor. To get the correct size for a room, I measured our dining room and divided the measurements by 12. Now to measure the size of a room in a finished dollhouse and see how close I got! The floor looks nice but I may give it one more coat of stain. It looks nicer with each coat I give it. It has had three coats of stain so far. I will take pictures when finished.

Now I want to make another floor, but will make it light brown or off white in color. I still have to see if this is the correct size, or if it will fit into a dollhouse. Next, will be figuring out how to make the walls. We start at the bottom and then go up.