Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Kind of Lava Soap - With Pumice

I thought I would make a soap and add pumice to it. The end product would be much like a Lava soap, but a different shape and color. I could add a scent to it as well. Well, in the fall, I tried my hand at this and I love the finished product. It is mildly abrasive, similar to the goat's milk-oatmeal soap. I feel so clean when I use it! I originally intended to make it for men. I always give Lava soap to the men in the household for Christmas. Now I get to make my own with my copy-cat recipe! I call it 'Volcano' soap. Here is a pic:

I did add too much color to this first batch, but once it cured, it wasn't so noticeable. The color was like a coral, but the next batch was more like salmon. I am selling these at $3 a bar if anyone is interested (or if I don't use them up first!).

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