Monday, June 1, 2015

Bedtime Soap - Wonderful Scent

Tonight I decided to try something different. I made a light orange color soap and scented it with an essential oil put out by "Now" brand.

It smells so good I could wear this scent all the time, but since it is supposed to help with sleep, I better only use it at night!

Here is the oil I used to make this soap with:

I may take pictures of the soap once it is out of the mold. Hope it continues to smell as nice and as strong as it does now!

I think I will call this soap, 'Bedtime Soap'.

(I will receive commission for those who go to the amazon site from the link above, from any orders on amazon connected with that link. Thank you for those who have ordered through my links).  

Saturday, January 31, 2015

My First Dollhouse Floor

These pictures are not in order, but I am so excited about almost being done with this floor. To get the correct size for a room, I measured our dining room and divided the measurements by 12. Now to measure the size of a room in a finished dollhouse and see how close I got! The floor looks nice but I may give it one more coat of stain. It looks nicer with each coat I give it. It has had three coats of stain so far. I will take pictures when finished.

Now I want to make another floor, but will make it light brown or off white in color. I still have to see if this is the correct size, or if it will fit into a dollhouse. Next, will be figuring out how to make the walls. We start at the bottom and then go up. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

My Crazy Creative Activity

Do not laugh at me! I do have some way out ideas, but as I have been studying the pins on Pinterest, I can see that I am not the only one. I have seen tutorials on how to make miniature items out of straws, paper clips, bottle caps, and sponges.
 With all that in mind, I have an idea with making cereal boxes for the doll house. First, I came up with a name for the make believe company that will produce the products for my miniatures. It will be called "Eternal Perspective" (E.P. for short). So my little cereal boxes will all have the E.P. logo on them. I am designing the cereal box right now. Rather than taking a name brand logo such as "Kellogg" I will make my own. I don't think it is proper to use a copyright name or trademark when designing a product that you want to sell. So, with that in mind, I need to have a homemade picture to put onto the tint cereal box. Last night, I spent a considerable amount of time looking for a picture I had taken of a bowl of cereal. Well guess what? I looked through every photo I had uploaded to Facebook and found nothing. In fact, my computer froze in the process and I decided to call it a night (this was after 2 am). Nothing. No picture of a bowl of cereal was on my computer either. Since I need a picture of a bowl of cereal to put onto my cereal box, I decided to get a bowl out and our some cereal in it with a couple of large pieces of dried fruit. Here is the pic. When I get the design for the front of the cereal box finished, I will post that as well.
Real bowl of cereal to put on doll house
people cereal boxes

I got the bowl of cereal picture onto the box. Here is the pic:

Of course, I have to make the rest of the box. All of these little details!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Ideas Are Endless - Many More Fun and Neat Items To Come

   I feel like I am on an unending chase of following ideas for things I can make to go in the doll house. I literally could spend all night on the internet going through tutorials and Pinterest, coming up with all these items I can make and sell for doll houses all over the country and even the world!

  Realistically though, I need a unit of measure. For example, I want to make bed pillows for the doll house, but, what size do I  make them? I want to make candy canes to put on doll house Christmas trees. How big do I make them? I found a simple weaving tutorial this morning and I want to make a mat out of jute, but I am not sure what size it should be. I can only guess!

   As I watch these really informative videos, the first instructions are almost always, take a small ball of clay. Well, that's nice, but what is small to me might be another size difference to another person. All I can do at this point is buy a cheap set of doll house people and use them as a gauge to measure everything else with.

   Some of the things I made this week were really cute. I made a donut box, with the cellophane lid and put 2 donuts in it. I also took a picture of an ancestor, and made a frame from Fimo clay to go around it. It was a little more work than what I originally thought it would be. But I want to make a table. How big should the top be? All I know is that everything is in 1:12 scale. So that means that I would take the size of a regular table, which is about 6' long, and divide that by 12 to come out with my measurement. 6 X 12 is 72 and that is how many inches a grown up table for people is. Divide 72 by twelve and you get 6 inches. So, if my guess is correct, you would make a table 6 inches long. Haven't even gotten into the width part yet.

I am working on a candy shop for the 1:12 inch dolls. I will try to find a picture of the items I made to go into the candy shop. You know I don't approve of candy though, so why am I making a candy shop of all things? It goes back to the difference between the way life was when I was real small, and how life got to be when I was older.

When I was a very little child, once in a great while, my mom would take my brother and me to this little candy shop a couple of blocks away. We didn't go there very often, and I don't remember what I ever got from there, but it was a nice treat and a nice memory. Contrast that with the scenario a couple of years later. We moved away and settled in Florida when I was 9. By the time I was 10, I got an allowance and I spend most of my money on candy. We had a toy shop a couple of doors away from where my parents used to go grocery shopping. As soon as I got my allowance, I would go down to the toy shop and spend my money, mostly on candy. No wonder my teeth started rotting! Candy was no longer a luxury, but now it was an expectation. Candy lost its specialness, and it became common place.

There are other shops to make too, but I need to concentrate on making a home. What makes a home a home? I'm sure it has to do with lots of love!

In the doll house (which I don't even have yet, but will build one someday) I need to make rugs, bath towels, canned goods, furniture, pets, blankets, bedding, accessories and so on. The rest can take care of itself later.

So, here are a few of the little items I have made so far:
Tiny candy sticks, pretzels, and lollipops