Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tip of the Day

Here is the tip of the day. It is based upon my latest experience.

  If you even get lye on your skin (in case you didn't know, lye is extremely caustic), take some vinegar and apply it to where the lye has had contact with the skin. I have heard this is supposed to work, and I hope it is true, for today, right after mixing the lye with the rainwater, I put my hand in a bowl of popcorn and proceeded to eat the popcorn. Unbeknown to me, there was lye right on my fingertips. Now the lye had not affected my fingertips and I am not sure why that happened, but, once I bit into the popcorn, 'ouch', my tongue was burning! When I realized what had happened, I ran out to the garage for the vinegar and took a swig of it. It is no longer burning, but I feel a little bump there on my tongue. I will definitely be more careful next time! A lesson learned well today.

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