Friday, July 5, 2013

Selling Soap to Support Ministries

    In the past couple of years, I have had people ask me if they could donate money for giving them tracts or Bibles. Of course, I want people to know that I am giving my items away, at no cost to them. Some people are insistent though, so I came up with an idea. Instead of taking donations for the items, (tracts, Bibles, imprinted toys), I will give them they option to buy soap instead. So, if anyone is interested in donating money toward my ministry, here is one way you can do it. And you will receive the benefits as well.
   Soaps that are available are; Goat's milk-oatmeal, Fancy soaps, Volcano Soap, Glycerin soaps and (contains toys inside). The fancy soap also comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and scents. Everything is made with pure ingredients that are safe for skin. Also, a portion of the income for the goat's milk-oatmeal soaps goes to Sanctuary Ministries, which is a ministry that supports women who are pregnant who have chosen to not go through with an abortion, but have chosen to go through with the pregnancy. Most of these women do not have the finances necessary to go through a pregnancy and childbirth, and there is great need for support for them, during the pregnancy and after the child is born.

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