Friday, August 23, 2013

Possible Products on the Horizon

   I love to live naturally, and as much as possible, independent from corporations. That is one reason why I make my own soaps. I also make my own butter, cream cheese, laundry detergent, among a few other things. As time goes on, I will learn how to make more homemade items that don't have to pass the FDA inspection, but I know will be totally safe and good for the consumer.
   I am not going to be able to sell my homemade butter or cream cheese, at least not at this point, but, there are a few things I can legally sell and make some profit from them.
   I will be able to sell cinnamon bread. Already, this is a favorite at garage sales. Unfortunately though, making this bread with wholesome ingredients isn't cheap. So, if the consumer is looking for a quick snack without regards to their health, and something cheap, my cinnamon bread might not provide what they want, but, there are many today who will look for something a step above the processed foods you can get at a convenience store. I will recalculate the cost for the loaves of bread, but will be selling them. Also, there is another possibility as well. This one is to make the bread from organic flour. Should I use that option, the price of the bread will be higher. Again, this is a time to recalculate. I want to give people a good deal on a good product. My desire is not to try to rip people off. It isn't wise to make a good product and sell it at a sky rocketing price just to make money from it. Also, I cannot mail the loaves of bread, but, if you live in the Orlando area, you can contact me if you want some. I can also have loaves of cinnamon bread made up if you want to preorder. Just let me know.

   But I am also excited about the possibility of selling potted plants! Growing plants has not been a good experience for me in the past, but I have tried again and this time, I am using the plant food that is used in hydroponic gardening and the results are fantastic! So, I am going to experiment with this one and will let you know what is on the horizon with this. Possible plants will be pepperocini peppers, purple jalapenos, German lunchbox tomatoes, and Amish paste tomatoes. Maybe even strawberry plants! I will let you know as soon as I get these things going.

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