Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Soaps, New Sizes, Snow-globe Soap, and Strawberry Plants

  I am excited about the way the new size soap turned out. I made goat's milk-oatmeal soap in a different shape, turning out to be around 5 ounce bars. Something to wrap your hand around now. I also made, in the same shape and size, Volcano soap. These soaps will sell by the ounce. For example, a couple of bars are 4.75 oz, so I will sell them at .75 cents per ounce and will have them weighed out and wrapped with the price on them to sell. A bar with that weight comes out to $ 3.56 cents. A portion of the money made from the goat's milk-oatmeal soaps still goes to Sanctuary Ministries, which is there to serve women who will continue to carry their babies until they are ready to be born. Many will give their babies up for adoption (which is a great choice) while others will keep their babies and raise them themselves.
   I love the feel of the Volcano soap and it is really made with the product called, Pumice, which comes from volcanoes. It is an ingredient in Lava Soap as well. I have used Volcano Soap on my face, and my face is very sensitive to whatever touches it. However, I would not recommend you do this unless you feel comfortable trying it out. Goat's Milk-Oatmeal Soap does a good job on the face. In fact, I know one man who uses it to shave with!
  I finally got around to making the Snow-Globe Soap. It is a clear soap with a round ball inside (the ball has a picture inside it) and is shaped like a snow-globe. Next will come shell soap. It will be clear bar soap with shells (that are made out of soap also) inside that you can see.
   Finally, I am very excited to announce my tentative plan on starting a nursery. I will grow plants that will be sold locally. I am looking forward to planting Alpine Strawberries, which come in the colors of red, yellow, and white. They are smaller than regular strawberries, but I'm sure they taste good. They will be good to put into salads. Also, I will plant heirloom tomatoes. Everyone needs tomatoes, whether to make tomato sauce with, or salsa, or just to put into a salad or cut up and eat with mayonnaise! Yum!

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