Sunday, September 22, 2013

New Soap Idea

   I was thinking about the different soaps I can make this week. What kind will be in demand most, and do I have enough in my reserve or will I have to make more. The soap that is in demand the most is the goat's milk-oatmeal soap so I find myself making this one more than any other type. However, a thought came to mind last night about another type of soap. I have never heard of soap made from sheep's milk, but then again, sheep's milk is hard to find.
   I am going to receive some sheep's milk this week, and might try using some to make a batch of sheep's milk-oatmeal soap. What do you think? Why I even have a mold for sheep!
   The cost of sheep's milk-oatmeal soap would be somewhat higher than goat's milk-oatmeal soap, mainly because of the cost of sheep's milk. If you have never tasted sheep's milk, you should try to find some. It is very sweet and creamy. It is more digestible than cow's milk.
  So, if you come to the Arts and Crafts Festival in November, that I am part of, you just might see some bars of sheep's milk-oatmeal soap. Of course, they will be in a bin all to themselves! I will report the results of making sheep's milk-oatmeal soap in a later blog.

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