Thursday, January 16, 2014

Change of Size Label

   Just a heads up on my relabeling. I am going to change the name of the sample size soaps to 'small' instead of 'sample'. Samples are usually just that. A sample, a tiny piece of something to try out.
   I weighed the 'sample' sized soaps and they are at least 2 ounces. I was surprised at how many people like this size. I am ready to make more soaps in this 2 ounce size, but I will call them small, unless I think of a better word.
   So, sample size will now be called small. In the future, I will probably have a real 'sample' size soap. This size will come in handy for many things too. In the mean time, I will not have any actual sample sizes for sale any more. I will as soon as I get the mold in or come up with another way to make sample size bars. But the small bars will be available. They will sell for $2 a bar.

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