Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Thank You and Notes

I want to thank all of you who recently bought some of my homemade soaps. I hope you and your family members are enjoying them! I have made a couple of observations on my soaps that I want to share. Whenever I make soap or soap products, I use the item as well, so I make sure that it is acceptable and enjoyable for you. I notice that when I use the glycerine soap, the bathtub is easier to clean out. Not sure why that happens, but it is a nice benefit. I was using a bath fizzy tonight and now I understand why women like these. They have oil in them which ends up on your skin and makes the skin smooth. But it can also get into the bath tub. I think we should have a warning on our soaps to be careful when we get out of the tub as soap or soap products can sometimes make the floor slippery. I would hate for anyone to slip on a bar of soap I made, or, slip while getting out of the tub because of the oil in the bath fizzy! I remember when I was little, hearing the story about John Glenn, an astronaut, slipping on a bar of soap! I think he ended up hitting his head and was unconscious for a while. We need to be careful when using soap for that reason mainly. I know in nursing homes, there are rails on the sides of the shower or tub. Those can come in handy when we get out of the tub. Please be careful when you get out of your tub! But do enjoy your soaps and fizzies! 80% Castile soap is curing. It is lavender scented so it will really smell nice. It kind of smells like my dad's shaving cream that he used to use years ago. I wonder if they scented shaving cream with lavender????

Lavender scented 80% Castile soap

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