Thursday, January 9, 2014

Experimentations Are Fun!

   Within a month, I have made bath fizzies , aka bath bombs, Castile soap, and now tallow soap. Because the bath fizzies do not have to cure, I am able to use them right away, but for the soaps, well, they have to cure before I can use them and that takes about 3 weeks. (I have cheated though one time)!
   I have been studying soap and researching different recipes and affects of ingredients that are in some soaps. One that is interesting is 'pine tar'. People who use soap made with pine tar rave about how well the soap does on their skin. I would like to use pine tar in my soap making, but there is one big problem. Pine tar contains an ingredient called, creosote. Years ago, people started making garden beds out of old railroad ties (not sure why this would have been considered a good idea?). After a couple of years, these experts changed their minds. The reason was, creosote was found in the railroad ties. No one wanted to make their garden beds out of railroad ties after that. At least I have not heard of anyone wanting to do that.
  Now, there is some pine tar that doesn't contain creosote, but it seems to be difficult to find. If I ever find it, I will buy some and use it in soap making. I want to make a product that has such good results as people say that pine tar soap does. In the mean time, I will keep searching for this pine tar.

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