Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Yummy Lemony Soap

Yesterday, I made goat's milk oatmeal soap. The goat's milk oatmeal soap is under the category of 'Soaps For Life at Oma's Workshop', which simply means that a portion of the money made from this soap goes toward 'Sanctuary Ministries' which is a ministry that assists struggling women who are pregnant and have chosen to go through the pregnancy instead of having their babies murdered. Also the sheep's milk oatmeal soap is in the 'Soaps For Life at Oma's Workshop' category.

Tonight I made lemon soap. Last year, I made this lemon soap but was disappointed because the scent did not stay in the soap for long. This year, I used another type of oil, lemongrass, which should stick much longer.

  Last year when I made this soap, it turned out very pretty. The soap itself is yellow, but the lemon rinds turned orange as the soap was curing. It looks like the lemon rinds are turning orange in this batch. It should be a successful batch of soap that will smell really nice and will look pretty as well.

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