Sunday, December 28, 2014

Potentially, New Items Coming In The Future

  Don't be concerned about my leaving the soap industry to go and make toys and bread! Oma's Workshop will continue to make goat's milk oatmeal soap as well as all the others. But there will be some other items added to the menu here.

   Months ago, I planted several tomato, pepper, and other fruits and vegetable plants, with the thought that I could use the produce and sell or give away what was excess. We haven't had any excess yet, and the plants are very slow to grow and develop. In fact, some have died. So, at this  moment, there will not be any produce for sale. The plants are being grown organically, and some are even growing in the hydroponic system. I plan to sell the produce that will one day come, for $2 a pound. I will let you know when the produce comes in, or at least when there is enough to sell. I will call my gardens, 'Oma's Mini Acres".

  I have been baking in the past, so the baking part of it is not so new. But I will add it to the Oma's Workshop menu and see if anyone wants to order some cinnamon loaf bread or gingerbread man cookies. Also, I have some special chocolate chip (or variety chip) cookies that I can make. I can make either the regular version, which contains very good ingredients or I can specialize and use organic ingredients in these items. The organic items will be more expensive than the regular ones, as organic food is more expensive, unfortunately. But I think organic is the best anyway, so it is worth it to me. Regular cinnamon bread loaves will sell for $2 a loaf, while organic will be $3 a loaf. Gingerbread man cookies will sell for 50 cents and the ones made with organic ingredients will be 75 cents each. (Prices could change if I calculate the price of the ingredients and divide per cookie.).

  Last but not least, I am so excited to announce the making and selling of dollhouse items, also known as miniatures. I know there are people who collect miniatures as well as those who are building doll houses and adding to them over time. I have so many ideas and want to sort them out so I don't become overwhelmed or just going from making one item and then another, leaving several projects undone (which I have been known to do). I also want to build doll house rooms with flooring and walls. Right now, I am researching the materials and watching/reading tutorials on how to do all this. This could be an all consuming project, and I want to make a good product, so it will not come overnight. But I will post pics as soon as I finish them.

  Oops. I completely forgot the jewelry line I was working on. I'm learning how to make necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. I have some already made.

   My memorable jewelry story comes around the time I was pregnant with my son, about 22, 23 years ago. I was making some earrings out of something called 'friendly plastic' (I wonder what ever happened to this wonderful product) while my daughter came up with a pretty earring made with a little coin shaped piece. We got a lot of our materials from a local craft store and put out the goods on the day of the craft show. I don't think I sold any earrings, but all the earrings made by my daughter sold like hot cakes! People would look at her earrings and comment positively on them! Mine didn't even get noticed. Oh well. I will go for more beaded items next time.

  I do have some afghans available too. I will sell them at $65 each. The newer ones will be a little more pricy.

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