Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Ideas Are Endless - Many More Fun and Neat Items To Come

   I feel like I am on an unending chase of following ideas for things I can make to go in the doll house. I literally could spend all night on the internet going through tutorials and Pinterest, coming up with all these items I can make and sell for doll houses all over the country and even the world!

  Realistically though, I need a unit of measure. For example, I want to make bed pillows for the doll house, but, what size do I  make them? I want to make candy canes to put on doll house Christmas trees. How big do I make them? I found a simple weaving tutorial this morning and I want to make a mat out of jute, but I am not sure what size it should be. I can only guess!

   As I watch these really informative videos, the first instructions are almost always, take a small ball of clay. Well, that's nice, but what is small to me might be another size difference to another person. All I can do at this point is buy a cheap set of doll house people and use them as a gauge to measure everything else with.

   Some of the things I made this week were really cute. I made a donut box, with the cellophane lid and put 2 donuts in it. I also took a picture of an ancestor, and made a frame from Fimo clay to go around it. It was a little more work than what I originally thought it would be. But I want to make a table. How big should the top be? All I know is that everything is in 1:12 scale. So that means that I would take the size of a regular table, which is about 6' long, and divide that by 12 to come out with my measurement. 6 X 12 is 72 and that is how many inches a grown up table for people is. Divide 72 by twelve and you get 6 inches. So, if my guess is correct, you would make a table 6 inches long. Haven't even gotten into the width part yet.

I am working on a candy shop for the 1:12 inch dolls. I will try to find a picture of the items I made to go into the candy shop. You know I don't approve of candy though, so why am I making a candy shop of all things? It goes back to the difference between the way life was when I was real small, and how life got to be when I was older.

When I was a very little child, once in a great while, my mom would take my brother and me to this little candy shop a couple of blocks away. We didn't go there very often, and I don't remember what I ever got from there, but it was a nice treat and a nice memory. Contrast that with the scenario a couple of years later. We moved away and settled in Florida when I was 9. By the time I was 10, I got an allowance and I spend most of my money on candy. We had a toy shop a couple of doors away from where my parents used to go grocery shopping. As soon as I got my allowance, I would go down to the toy shop and spend my money, mostly on candy. No wonder my teeth started rotting! Candy was no longer a luxury, but now it was an expectation. Candy lost its specialness, and it became common place.

There are other shops to make too, but I need to concentrate on making a home. What makes a home a home? I'm sure it has to do with lots of love!

In the doll house (which I don't even have yet, but will build one someday) I need to make rugs, bath towels, canned goods, furniture, pets, blankets, bedding, accessories and so on. The rest can take care of itself later.

So, here are a few of the little items I have made so far:
Tiny candy sticks, pretzels, and lollipops

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